The SumoSalad Flexitarian Recipe Book

01.06.18 Eat Blog SumoSalad

SumoSalad is excited to bring you our first flexitarian recipe book, packed with simple delicious and healthy recipes to fuel the flexitarian in you.

The battle for balance in our diets is more real than ever – in our hearts, most of us want to go greener but our appetites crave meat. Now you can have both AND discover new levels of great health with the biggest lifestyle trend to hit the nation.

Flexitarian is the combination of two words, flexible + vegetarian. It’s a new way to eat that minimises meat consumption without excluding it all together. By adding new foods to your diet as opposed to excluding any, you’ll discover a range of health benefits that make you feel amazing from the inside out. We define a flexitarian as someone who shies away from extremes in favour of health, happiness and moderation. Flexitarian means you never have to choose one thing over another forever – you just go with what feels good for today.

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