Introducing our commando wraps: Texan BBQ Beef and Mex Beans & RiceⓋ!

06.06.18 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

Our new hot, hearty and healthified winter menu is here! This season we’ve teamed up again with Australia’s most recognised and respected health expert Commando Steve, to bring you delicious protein-packed meals that are going to keep you fuelled, healthy and satisfied this winter.

As the weather cools down and light, summery salads may not cut it anymore, we want you to warm up with our smokin’ hot Commando Wraps. Developed by the man himself, they are the perfect combination of protein, gut-healthy whole foods and antioxidants. Loaded with delicious, flavourful ingredients, they are big on taste and will fuel you for greatness during your day.

The Commando Wraps are made-to-order with the option of either meat or plant protein to enable personalisation. Choose either the Texan BBQ Beef with smoky beef strips topped off with a smoky BBQ sauce or the Mex Beans & RiceⓋ  with vegetarian chilli if you are going meat-free. Both are loaded with tasty cheese, spinach, roasted red capsicum and sauerkraut!

(Fun facts: sauerkraut is one of the gut-healthiest, probiotic-rich, fermented foods around. It delivers some solid health benefits, including providing fibre and significant amounts of vitamins C and K. It also boosts your energy and immune system with iron, enhances digestive health and strengthens bones!)

The protein-packed Commando Wraps will fuel your body and help you recharge for the afternoon ahead or after an intense workout – they will also fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer. The benefits of including protein in your diet include weight maintenance, weight loss, boosting your energy levels, supporting your muscles and bones as well as supporting the absorption of important nutrients.

Whether you choose the Texan BBQ Beef or the Mex Beans & RiceⓋ you are guaranteed a protein hit to keep you fuelled throughout the day. PS. You can combo your Commando Wrap and double your protein for $3 plus add a soup slammer and/or a water for $2.

So what are you waiting for? Head in-store now and get yours today!


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