8 Gluten Free Celebrities

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This week marks Coeliac Awareness Week, aiming to bring awareness to this under-diagnosed condition associated with gluten sensitivity. The FSANZ defines wheat, rye, barley and oats as gluten containing grains which irritate those with coeliac disease.

While coeliac disease itself is under-diagnosed, we’re sure everyone knows at least one person who has self-diagnosed as being “gluten sensitive” or “gluten free”. Like many trends, this is reflected from celebrity culture. But who are these gluten-free celebs? Wonder no longer, we’ve put together a list of 8 gluten-shunners to celebrate all things gluten-free.


1. Jessica Alba

Regularly tweets about her love for gluten-free baked goodies.

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2. Miranda Kerr

Avoids gluten as much as possible and also put together this GF Apple and Banana muffin recipe.

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3. Zooey Deschanel

The quirky New Girl star has her special meals delivered to her trailer so that the rest of the crew can eat whatever they want. We’ll take ours in our trailer too, thanks!

4. Ryan Phillippe

His muscular physique is not the result of gluten carb-loading! Ryan has a gluten allergy and had to restructure his diet to ensure he could maintain his bulk.

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5. Victoria Beckham

Posh is sensitive to gluten and avoids it as much as possible! She finds her body does not metabolise the protein well and stays super slim by avoiding it.


6. Pete Evans

Vocal Paleo enthusiast, Pete Evans, does not eat any gluten except when making his appearances on popular reality show My Kitchen Rules. Pete attributes his altered diet with improving his health and wellbeing, along with weight-loss.

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7. Emmy Rossum

Emmy has coeliac disease and although she obviously misses gluten it’s no longer part of her diet…

8. Lady Gaga

Gaga dropped gluten in 2011 while touring, keeping herself and her dancers on a fruit & veg fuelled diet with a touch of cheese for a treat every now and then.

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