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At SumoSalad we are passionate, creative crusaders who want to help
people make better eating choices. We love our food and believe that food
should be fun, honest, healthy, affordable and tasty.

We’re all about partnering with people, suppliers & customers who share our
beliefs and passion for quality and making a positive impact.

We stand for:


Calling all chicken Caesar lovers


SumoSalad Summer Taste Testers have been heading out with Sumo’s tasty new summer salads, to put the taste buds of Australia to the test. There’s just one catch, you have to do it blindfolded. See what happens next…

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Sumo™ proudly present Cold Press Juice to SumoSalad stores nationally. Our Cold Pressed Juice contains maximum nutrition by gently squeezing the fruits & vegetables instead of using high speed blades & heat treatment seen in traditional juicing methods which damage the natural enzymes. Learn more about our juicing process.

image Clean!

Kale, Cucumber, Celery & Spinach

image Glow!

Pineapple, Kiwi Fruit, Orange & Mint

image Spark!

100% Australian Valencia Orange

image Power!

Beetroot, Orange, Apple & Carrot

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2 ripe bananas
20g fresh blueberries
20g Acai berries or powder 20g fresh raspberries 6 strawberries 10g Avocado […]

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