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At SumoSalad we are passionate, creative crusaders who want to help
people make better eating choices. We love our food and believe that food
should be fun, honest, healthy, affordable and tasty.

We’re all about partnering with people, suppliers & customers who share our
beliefs and passion for quality and making a positive impact.

We stand for:



This Spring we're introducing our Sumo™ Cold Pressed Juice to SumoSalad stores nationally. Our Cold Pressed Juice contains maximum nutrition by gently squeezing the fruits & vegetables instead of using high speed blades & heat treatment seen in traditional juicing methods which damage the natural enzymes. Learn more about our juicing process.

image Clean!

Kale, Cucumber, Celery & Spinach

image Glow!

Pineapple, Kiwi Fruit, Orange & Mint

image Spark!

100% Australian Valencia Orange

image Power!

Beetroot, Orange, Apple & Carrot

Featured Posts

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    26.11.15 Eat, Learn

    The Green Power Super Crunch Salad

        Luke Baylis serves up a super simple salad that’s full of flavour and green goodness with added macadamia nut crunch. Dish it up as a fresh bright side or a flavour packed main. Steamed Vege Salad with Goat’s Curd and Macadamia  Ingredients: Asparagus Broccolini Snow peas Macadamia (two handfuls)  Zucchini (2)  Shaved coconut […]