These winter workout hacks will get you fired up when it’s freezing

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Winter workout

Yep, it’s officially sweater weather. The season when real marathons get swapped for the Netflix variety and sneakers are swiftly swapped for ugg boots. But, do you need to adapt your workout for the winter season? And how do you get motivated to get to that workout in the first place? We asked experienced trainer and author Timo Topp for his best winter workout hacks because, let’s face it, cold and dark mornings are hard…

Do you need a winter workout and a summer workout?

You change your wardrobe for the new season – hello, puffer jackets – but how about your workouts? “It’s important to change and mix up training, but it does not have to be related specifically to the seasons,” says Timo. “However, as the weather changes, you might naturally switch up your workouts anyway. People tend to go from less outdoor exercise to more indoor exercise. They might change outdoor walks or jogs to gym classes or indoor spin or boxing.”

What is more critical to consider is your change in enthusiasm, rather than your training style. “The key effect of the change in season is more on motivation,” says Timo. “People will exercise less in winter because it’s cold and dark. You either need more motivation or you can commit to a structured program to maintain accountability. Working with a trainer or a group program or class is a good way to go.”

Another strategy? Get goal setting. “Setting a goal is a great way to stay motivated and see you through the winter season,” recommends Timo. “For example, you could try training for a fun run like Sydney’s City to Surf to keep you active through the winter months. You could also get a trainer to help you stay on track with your winter workout. There is a cliché saying in the fitness industry that ‘summer bodies are forged in winter’. I don’t really like it, but the point is, if you are diligent you can come out of winter in great shape for spring and summer.”

Staying active over winter is essential, especially given the temptation of winter comfort foods. “People will eat more and move less in winter, so it’s a good idea to stay diligent and conscious of eating and exercise habits,” advises Timo. FYI: we like to keep a few meals from our SumoWell range in the fridge so there’s always a healthy option on hand. You could also make batches of veggie-packed soup for the week and freeze any extras for later.

Things to watch out for when working out in winter

There are a few extra considerations for your winter workout. First up – don’t skip that warm-up. “Muscles will perform better when they are warm, so when the temperature is cold it is important to spend little more time warming up, particularly for outdoor exercise,” says Timo. “Warming up is important to prepare the mind and body for exercise, get the most out of your workout and reduce the risk of injury.”

It’s also cold and flu season, which can derail even the most dedicated exercisers. However, you shouldn’t try to push through. “When you are sick it is important to rest to allow the body to recover quickly,” says Timo. “Once the main effects of a cold are starting to subside you can return to exercise, but ease back into it and make the first few workouts a little lighter.” If in doubt, always check with your GP if you’re unsure whether you’re fit to return to training.

Think of it this way, the winter season provides a great excuse to try a new workout. “Personally, I like running in the cooler weather,” says Timo. “Lots of people like to run out of the heat of summer.” You could also try a new indoor gym class or swap in a session of hot yoga to truly defrost and de-stress. Whatever it is, keep moving and before long it will be the summer season again!

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Timo Topp is a fitness and wellness coach with 25 years international experience. It is his mission to help busy people live a better quality of life through fitness and wellbeing. In a world of conflicting, confused advice and complex fitness programs that can be too hard to follow, Timo offers down to earth ‘workable’ advice that you can incorporate into your busy day and it is proven to ‘work’ – to help you look, feel and perform at your best. He is a published author and speaker on workplace wellness and loves to share content, so please get in touch here: Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

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