What IS Kombucha?

23.06.15 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

It’s official, kombucha has officially graduated from clean-living-yogi drink, to mainstream-regular drink. But what even is kombucha and why should you care? To celebrate the launch of Remedy Kombucha at SumoSalad Green Label, we decided to demystify the fermented favourite.

What is it?

Kombucha is a sparkling fermented tea, originating in Asia. It’s made using a bacteria culture, called a mother or SCOBY (symbiotic community of bacteria and yeasts) similar to how Apple Cider is made. That’s the floating stuff you can often seen in bottles of kombucha.

The tea and SCOBY can also be combined with other herbs, spices or fruit juices to match your taste.

Once all the elements are combined, the tea is left for up to three weeks to mature and become the sparkling wonder-drink, kombucha!

What’s so good about it?

Aids digestions & immunity: The fermentation process creates lots of good bacteria (probiotics) which is great for aiding digestion, immunity and overall health.

Low sugar alternative: It’s a much lower sugar option than soft drink, without sacrificing the fizz and flavour.

Packed with antioxidants: With tea as the base for this drink, it’s full of great antioxidants to look after your body.


We look forward to sharing a kombucha with you on your next visit to SumoSalad Green Label!


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