What is Cold Pressed Juice

04.09.15 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

SumoSalad’s new Sumo™ Cold Pressed Juice has hit stores nationally this spring with 4 delicious & refreshing flavours, but what even IS cold pressed juice, and what’s so good about it? We’re here to tell you all about it, and share the benefits with you!

Our Cold Pressed Juice Process:

Retains natural minerals & enzymes

Only 100% fruits and vegetables used

No heat treatment

No preservatives

The cold pressed process works differently than your regular juices because it gently squeezes the fruits and vegetables rather than using high speed blades which can heat and destroy the nutritional benefits of the fruits and vegetables.

We only use 100% fruits and vegetables, with no additives! To achieve this, we use a specialised cold high pressure machine which enables us to eliminate any harmful bacteria from the juice without needing to use any heat pasturisation (like most other juices out there!) & extend our juice’s shelf life so it has plenty of time to get from our high tech facility team and into your belly.

This means we can also make sure no nasty extras like preservatives are needed! Because we don’t add any fake stuff to our juice, it can also mean it settles and gets bits in the botttom. This is totally normal, just give it a shake and it’ll be woken up and back to its original delicious self!

The juice is never touched, so it’s as pure as the fruits and veggies it came from. Grab a bottle and take a sip of nutrition to go!

We get the best out of our juice, so you can get the best out of you!


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