We’ve listened, SumoSalad now 30% larger!

17.10.16 Eat, Grow Blog SumoSalad

They say a change is as good as a holiday and here at Sumo we’re all about changing the way Australians eat for the better. We’re passionate about bringing healthy and delicious food to you and working to make sure it’s great value for money too.

So when we heard recently that our customers felt our servings were too small, we immediately set about upping our serving sizes.

We are now pleased to announce that our small serve is 30% larger.

SumoSalad's New Packaging – Now 30% Bigger. from SumoSalad on Vimeo.

Made with fully biodegradable, recycled materials, our new express deli packaging is beautifully portable, allowing you to enjoy your SumoSalad whenever and where you like.

That’s right – you now get 30% more of the good stuff for the same price. This is not a drill, people. That’s 30% more freshly grilled meat, roasted and raw vegetables, seasoned grains and farm fresh produce packed in for you to enjoy every time you visit SumoSalad.


Australia, you spoke and we listened. You asked for more SumoSalad for the same price and as a brand we’ve taken action to make happy, healthy and delicious food more affordable and satisfying than ever before.

Now it’s time for you to come and check it out for yourself. Head into your nearest SumoSalad to experience our new packaging with 30% more for the same price and tell us your thoughts on our Facebook Page!


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