Wellbeing Sessions in Your Workplace

08.11.18 Grow, Learn Blog SumoSalad

As we move towards the end of the year, the pressure on us intensifies – our calendars and to-do lists are even fuller. The end of the year finish line can seem impossible to reach, and by the time Christmas day arrives we are exhausted.

Flo Wellbeing are here to help. Delivering fun & educational, tailored, wellbeing sessions into your workplace. Providing tools to help your valuable people manage these stresses. To enhance energy, connection & build focus at work. To allow them to switch off when they need to to help fuel performance.

Details on Flo’s latest Wellbeing Performance Package are below and they include a healthy lunch courtesy of SumoSalad! The sessions can be delivered as an immersive day or spread out over weeks/months. It’s flexible. The key is making a start!

If you want to learn more or book a session for your workplace then email Mandy Millan – mandy@flowellbeing.com


Nutrition workshop – 1 hour

  • Nutrition myths busted
  • Eating for energy at work
  • Healthy options when eating out
  • How to fit healthy eating into a busy schedule

Mindful Movement Session – 1 hour

  • Includes Yoga, Pilates, Chair Yoga – to be delivered in office on park near by
  • Increase Flexibility to relieve tight, out of alignment desk bound bodies
  • Strengthen Core & lower back muscles to support your spine and posture
  • Released and strengthened joints to prevent headaches and create energy
  • Relaxed & Revived Mind for improved focus and performance

Introduction to Mindfulness – 1 hour – 90 mins session

  • Why Mindfulness is more than another passing fad and meditation is a productivity tool.
  • Reflection upon our experience of stress, multitasking and ability to focus our attention
  • Managing technology rather than tech running you
  • Learning to activate your ‘Relaxation Response’
  • Session includes a group guided meditation practice

All sessions delivered by highly experienced, certified, mentors who are all from a strong corporate background
Cost is just $2,000 exc GST – includes follow up educational material tailored to group for nutrition and mindfulness sessions.Healthy & nutritious snacks available to accompany nutrition workshop at an extra cost per person


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