Is it time to upgrade the water you drink?

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‘There are many things you can do to upgrade your health and wellbeing.
One of the simplest things is to change the quality of your water’
Janet Parker, co-founder of Zazen Water

This was the simple and powerful message from Janet Parker, the co-founder of Zazen Water and one of the speakers and sponsors at the 2018 Wellness Summit in Melbourne. Around 70% of your body is water, and the quality of that water is determined by the quality of the water you drink. That means your peak performance can be maintained by good quality water.

Janet’s underlying message is that not all water is equal. She has created a unique type of water filter that not only takes out the toxins that you can find in tap water, but also adds in the missing minerals that your body deeply needs, alkalising it and making water not only that tastes delicious but is in a form that allows the water to penetrate deep into your cells, cleansing and hydrating wherever it goes.

These filters are now in situ in many schools and workplaces, maintained and supported by an army of ‘Water Angels’.

Elwin Robinson created a great model, grading different types of water on quality. Here is our version. At the top, you have fresh spring water, with no water at all at the very bottom. When deciding what water to get, aim as high on this scale as you can. If there’s a spring near you but you’re too busy to go and collect it yourself, consider employing someone to go and collect it for you or take it in turns with a neighbour.


The Different Types of Water

Fresh pure spring water

Fresh means you collect it (or have it collected) from a spring. Pure means that spring water has been reliably tested. Preferably the water also has a low TDS count (total dissolved solids) ie it has a low quantity of inorganic minerals dissolved in it because they can be hard work for your organs to process. The purest water is glacial water.

Pure spring water

We can buy bottled spring water. Glass bottles are ideal but may not always be available. Make sure it is good spring water and not simply bottled filtered tap water.

Filtered well water

If you have access to a well and can filter it properly, then this can be high quality water, though not as alive as spring water.

Filtered water

This is water (probably tap water) that has been put through an advanced filtering system

Alkaline water

Some advanced filtering systems can alkalise water. Alkaline water is good for helping to take acids out of the body but is less useful for hydration purposes.

Distilled water

Like alkaline water this is good for cleansing but not good for hydrating. It’s water that has been boiled and condensed to remove all impurities, so it’s certainly pure but it is also completely dead. Some people believe you can add vitality back in with crystals and salt.

Tap water 

Tap water’s quality depends on where you are but it could contain fluoride, chlorine, PCBs, hormone residues and heavy metals, all of which can be toxic. Water should be flushing toxins out of your body, not putting more in. Some tap water is better, but it’s still toxic to some extent unless you are one of the few who get spring water through the tap. For most of us, it will be waste water that has been through a water treatment plant.

Many Australians are chronically dehydrated. Research shows that we need at least 8 glasses of water per day depending on our water weight. Let SumoSalad help you stay hydrated this summer. Remember to ask about our combo’s, buy any drink with a deli salad and save $.

The Zazen Water Ambassador Program

The mission of the Zazen Water Ambassador School Program is “To create a generation of wellness children through educating them in the classroom on the benefits of hydration and by implementing enhanced learning environments with water technologies that improve their physical and mental wellbeing”. The program addresses the fundamental need for children to be properly hydrated with the right quality water throughout the day.
To find out more visit the Zazen Water website.


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