Introducing Ultramarathon Runner Kerrie Otto de Grancy

12.11.14 Learn Blog SumoSalad
Ultra-Marathon runner Kerrie Otto de Grancy

Kerrie Otto de Grancy is a real life Superwoman. She only started running a couple of years ago to help raise awareness for blood donations but in that short space of time she has managed to set 4 Australian Ultramarathon runner records.

This month she is jetting off to Qatar to compete in the World Champs! Not bad eh?

She wears a number of hats in life, here are just a few of them:

  • Australian Ultramarathon runner record holder
  • Philanthropism
  • Businesswoman
  • Mother
  • Motivational speaker
  • Writer
  • Dive Master

Kerrie is also our newest SumoSalad contributor, keeping us informed and motivated about fitness, diet and providing us with the occasionally superhuman recipe.

Want more Kerrie? Head to her website, Micro Miracles Matter.


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