Top 10 Benefits of Smiling

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We’re in pursuit of finding the best ways to lift your mood this season at SumoSalad with the most natural and healthy methods we know! If you’ve been feeling a bit flat lately, rather than downing a bunch of supplements why not try one of the best natural therapies available; smiling!

Anyone who’s watched Patch Adams knows that smiling and laughter can sometimes be the best medicine. We put together this list of all the great facts, effects & benefits smiling can have for your mood & health.

1. Boost Your Mood

Even a forced smile works! Smiling gets those happy endorphins pumping and can pull you out of a negative slump.

Source: pickthebrain.com

Toasty and smiley. Source: pickthebrain.com

2. Increase Immunity

When you smile, your body relaxes and this can lead to your body reacting more quickly against any nasties.

3. Look Younger

Smiling can make you appear up to 3 years younger! It’s a natural facelift. Keep smiling!

4. It’s Contagious

Even if you can’t get a forced smile out, if people around you are smiling, it’s likely that you’ll catch it too! Probably the best thing you could catch today.

5. Stress relief

There’s nothing like the relief of a good belly laugh in the face of adversity. Even if it verges on the hysterical, you’ll feel much better afterwards. Release the endorphins and quash the stress hormones!

6. It’s Universal

Benefits of smiling

‘Yep, I was born this cute’ Image: Pixabay

Smiling unites the world! From surfer to goat herder, the simple smile crosses cultures and hops boundaries, no matter where you are smiling in the world.

7. Smile for that promotion

Smiling puts people at ease and makes you look happy, confident and comfortable, like someone who knows their stuff and is in complete control. So even though you might be a quivering, dribbling wreck on the inside, put a smile on your dial to impress the boss and you’ll get an awesome job with pots of money. Win.

8. Babies are born knowing how to smile

Babies learn most behaviours from the people around them, but amazingly, the ability to smile is something that we are born with. Scientists studying babies have observed that even blind little ‘uns can smile.

9. Lessen the Pain

There’s something to the phrase ‘smiling through the pain’. Those same lovely stress relieving endorphins that are released when you smile will also act as natural painkillers.

10. Live longer

'Here's to 7 more years!' Source: Daily Mail

‘Here’s to 7 more years!’ Source: Daily Mail

Smile regularly and you’ll love longer. Studies have shown that all those stress-relieving, pain-lessening, immune system boosting, mood-lifting benefits of smiling will actually give you around 7 years more life. Just think what you could do with 7 more years! You could learn a language and travel the world. Or you could spend all that time on a cruise ship, like this lady.

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