Baby It’s Cold Outside: 5 Indoor Activities For Your Weekend!

12.07.17 Eat, Grow, Learn Blog SumoSalad

Wild, uninviting weather can become all too familiar during winter but that doesn’t mean your weekends need to be bland or boring. When staying in becomes the new going out, embrace the opportunity to relax and unwind with friends and family in the comfort of your own home with one of our 5 Indoor Activities For Your Weekend!

Host A Dinner Party
Hosting a fancy-pants dinner party is the perfect activity for an icy winter’s night. Add a creative edge with a themed dinner, speciality wines or an extravagate table setting. A beautiful meal served with love and laughter = the perfect Saturday night in.

Kick Back With The Ultimate Movie Night
In need of some relaxation after a long week? Bring on the blockbusters! The ultimate movie night is a breeze to arrange and a great low-stress weekend hang. To heighten those warm and cosy vibes, add popcorn, herbals teas or hot chocolates. Perfection.

Zen Out With Meditation & Yoga
The practice of meditation and yoga is the ultimate reset and relax – so why not try it with your partner or social circle? With a number of benefits including reducing stress levels, increasing self-awareness and creating overall happiness, even a brief session will leave you feeling refreshed and centred. Namaste.

Reveal Your Inner Masterchef
Whether you’re a total newbie or seasoned pro, getting busy in the kitchen with cooking or baking is always a good time. Research new and challenging recipes or perfect your favourite home made cooked meals – either way this indoor activity will leave you feeling well-fed, accomplished, and give you plenty to post about on Instagram! #homecooked

Game On
Finally, who can go past hosting a family fun games night? Perfect to play with friends or family (even the super-competitive ones that get carried away and just need to chill *cough* Aunt Carol), we recommend going old-school here. Charades, Twister, Categories, Pictionary; go for the classics and enjoy the hilarity that follows…


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