The Sydney to Hobart powered by Sumo!

12.01.16 Learn, Play Blog SumoSalad

On Boxing Day 2015, the boat ‘Another Fiasco’ made its way past the Sydney Heads, towards Tasmania, through big seas and storms in one of the toughest sailing races on the planet.

This was their 4th Sydney to Hobart and while they had a seasoned crew, the rough seas and storm conditions took their toll causing most on board to suffer seasickness.

One of the lucky ones on board while battling everything the Pacific Ocean dished out was Donna Fornasiero

“I was one of three from the crew of nine seasoned sailors that didn’t get sick…. so I munched my way through a couple of the yummy SumoSalad meals on the sly 🙂

The last couple of days of the race everybody started to get a bit creative and made some wraps out of the Sumo ingredients on board, with the favourite being the pepper smoked salmon.

We were so grateful for these meals provided, they were just perfect, nice and light on the stomach and nutritious!”

“We cannot thank SumoSalad enough for supporting us, it was such a kind and amazing gesture. We have completed four Sydney to Hobart races on this boat and never been so well fed! And not to mention it made my life easier being the one of few that doesn’t get sick being able to give crew food on a 25 degree angle while launching off a wave!

We were doing quite well in the race and coming in first at one stage but had to take a detour before the finish to take one of the crew off for medical attention. But all in all we were still happy with our result, nobody died and we completed the race :)”

Well done to Donna and the whole crew from everyone at SumoSalad!


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