The Soundtrack to Make A Difference

09.07.15 Learn, Play Blog SumoSalad

Recently local Sydney girl group, Valentina, visited our Warringah Mall SumoSalad store to record a heart warming song, inspired by the SumoSalad and Vinnies campaign to help make a difference for people experiencing homelessness and doing it tough this winter.

Equipped with our Soup Slammer cups, the girls took inspiration from the wildly popular Cup Song to create a basis for a beautiful song sharing the messageĀ of helping Vinnies.

It doesn’t take a grand gesture to make a difference this winter. It can be as little as a $2 donation or a photo of your soup tagged with #heatupthestreet that goes towards creating a bigger change (we are hoping to raise $100,000 this winter overall!).

We hope you enjoy the song, and continue to share and help the 100,000 Australians battling homelessness this winter.

Song by Valentina and Meshach Musik

Gallery – Valentina Filming at SumoSalad Warringah Mall


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