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07.04.14 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

During my stint living in the US, I was exposed to super-sized portions and fried foods which led me to put on 50kgs. After returning back to Oz, I could see that Aussie’s were rapidly heading down the same path as the US; compromising healthy eating for convenience.

This realisation fuelled my passion to start up Sumo, and ensure I did my bit to help provide Aussie’s with healthy, fast food alternatives. This passion hasn’t stopped, and I have made it my mission to ensure that Sumo keep abreast of new research and technologies so we can offer the best produce for our customers, suppliers, staff and our animals.
Recently, I did some research on conventional (cooped up barn chickens) vs free range and made some scary discoveries. Unfortunately conventional chickens don’t always live in a humane environment. They have limited space to roam, some are injected with growth hormones, and often they don’t have enough water or fresh air.

This discovery made me personally not want to ever eat conventional chickens again. I then realised if these chickens weren’t good enough for my family and I, then they’re also not good enough for my customers. Sumo customers deserve to eat high quality produce as well. That’s why we recently made the switch to free range chicken. We now only serve humanely farmed free range chickens from paddock to plate across our entire menu.

Ultimately my mission is to provide Aussies with tasty and affordable, healthy fast food options that are better for both the animals and our customers. It’s important for me to have a good understanding of where our produce comes from to ensure we are offering the best products in store. I regularly meet with our suppliers at our local farms to ensure we are delivering quality vegetables and the animals are treated ethically.
Although moving to free range chicken was a high cost to the business, I felt it was an ethical decision we had to make and I feel very proud about the decision.  If you’re #4freerange too, like us on Facebook and show your support.

POSTED BY: Luke Baylis

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