• 02.02.17 Play

    Australia’s Best Coastal Walks

    As Aussies, we love to get outdoors over summer… especially when there’s water nearby! The scorching sun mixed with sea salt in the air, knowing you can dive into the turquoise ocean to cool off at any time – beach adventures truly are quintessential Australian summer pastime. Weekend beach hangs usually come served with delicious […]

  • 30.01.16 Learn, Play

    Burn Fat in 4 Minutes

    We all lead increasingly busy lives with some people so busy they do not even have time to work out! The good news is that research is showing us that less can be more when it comes to exercise. You don’t need to spend hours slagging away on the treadmill to burn some fat, all […]

  • 21.10.15 Grow

    Mark Mathews: Surfing is the Best Part of Your Travels

    A pro surfer like Mark Mathews would know a little bit about travelling by now. Mark has surfed in some of the world’s best and biggest surf spots including Chile, Mexico, Western Australia’s “The Right” wave, Indonesia’s Kandui, USA’s Pacific big waves and more. After seeing the world in some of the most remote and […]

  • 10 Day Free Trial at Anytime Fitness

    SumoSalad lovers and  SumoSociety followers: we have a special offer for you! At Sumo we are all about getting fit and #empoweringyou  this Spring with our healthy Sumo Cold Pressed Juice and tasty salads. To help you along this journey even more, we have collaborated with Anytime Fitness to offer you a 10 day free trial* at […]

  • 08.10.15 Eat

    What to Eat Before and After a Workout

    What you eat before and after training is crucial to the results you will get from your workouts. Eating around your workout is not only essential for building lean muscle, losing weight, and maximising the amount of calories burned but it’s also needed for speeding up recovery of your muscles. You can be training your […]