6 Valentines Gifts that Give Back

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Looking for some sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas that won’t have you feeling like a complete glutton? At Sumo, we think there’s nothing more important than making sustainable choices wherever possible, even on an indulgent day like Valentines. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of great products that give back to the planet, as well as making your loved one (or yourself) feel special.

RAW for the Oceans

g-star-girl g-star-boy

This collaboration between bringer of ‘Happy’-ness, Pharrell Williams, and denim experts G-Star Raw uses recycled ocean plastics to create the denim fabric used in the line. This helps clean up the big blue sea and save more of our aquatic friends from getting trapped in nasty plastic bags and bottle rings. Plus the octopus graphic is super-cute; win-win!

 TOMS Shoes

No longer just those slip on nana style slippers, TOMS actually have a range of styles including wedges and funky plimsoles. Every pair sold gives another pair or shoes to a child in need (probably not a pair of wedges).

Rose Flower Green Tea Balls


Instead of buying roses for some crazy price on the day, why not opt for some Fair Trade Rose Tea? This one comes from Yunnan in China and the tea balls unfurl beautifully in your cup like they are flowers blooming before you.

Mukti Yoga Mats


Natural, ethical and sustainable, these yoga mats will have you downward dogging with a clear conscience. Made from a combination of natural rubber, jute and cotton, they are also the product of an Australian company and manufactured without the use of sweatshops. How many other yoga mats can you guarantee that about?!

Y Development Heart Shaped Candles


Not just any heart shaped candles, these support local artisans in Northern Thailand, giving them a means of supporting their families and access to health care. They’re also scented and in pretty colours.

Fair Trade Chocolate Hamper


If you’re going to get chocolate, why not make it Fair Trade? Oxfam sell a delicious chocolate hamper with 5 of their chocolate products including a divine dark chocolate spread for dipping strawberries or whatever else you fancy…


If all else fails, our salad containers are made from compostable & biodegradable cane sugar fibre, so feel free to pop in with your love this weekend for a Treat Me salad with Sumo.


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