Why has SumoSalad introduced new packaging?

We listen to all our customer feedback.

  • You told us you preferred a pack that enabled you to enjoy your different salads side by side, rather than piled on top of each other, so we made the pack longer rather than taller.
  • You told us you, whilst you liked the recycled nature of the current sugarcane packaging, you didn’t like how the dressing soaked into the pack, so we changed to a recycled cardboard. Still great for the planet, but means your dressing stays on your salad rather than absorbed into the box.
  • You also told us you wanted a pack that was more portable, something with a more secure lid that didn’t fall off. The secure clip tabs on the new packaging mean you can travel back to the office, park or home and your salad will stay in the box, the way you expect it to.

Importantly for us at Sumo, we now have packaging we can be proud of. With beautiful printed graphics of delicious seasonal produce, our packaging now embodies our brand positioning of delivering great tasting healthy food.

What material is the new packaging made of?

In keeping with our journey towards a sustainable world, the new packs are made from 100% recycled material derived from natural plant-based sources, not from materials which use fossil fuels.

Is the new packaging recyclable?

Yes the new packaging is 100% recyclable and it is also 100% bi-degradable and 100% compostable.

What does 100% bi-degradable and compostable mean?

This means that our Sumo packaging is suitable for treatment in a commercial facility where it will break down within 90 days as defined by EU standard EN13432.

What is the shiny coating on the inside of the packaging?

Our new packaging is beautiful on the outside, but we certainly haven’t forgotten about the inside! This special coating has been designed to keep your salad looking beautiful and your dressing inside your box. In line with our sustainable ethos, the special coating is derived from corn & fully biodegradable.

It looks different, has the portion size changed?

While the shape of the new packaging is different than our sugar cane fibre packs, the portion, when filled to the brim, delivers the same portion as when filling the sugarcane packaging to the fill line.

What products should be served in this packaging?

All SumoSalad deli salads & hot deli dishes. Fruit Salad & Yoghurt is no longer served in the same packaging as deli salads, it is served in our clear pots or domes.

Has the packaging been tested with customers?

Yes. Packaging has been tested with SumoSalad customers in stores across Australia, over the last 6 months, in order to optimise and find the most suitable packaging for our customers.

When will this packaging be in my local SumoSalad?

New packaging will start to appear in stores from mid November 2015.

Something we didn’t cover? Please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you ASAP!