SumoSalad Announces New Collaboration with Flo Wellbeing

25.09.18 Learn Blog SumoSalad

We’re very excited to announce our collaboration with Flo Wellbeing who specialise in company wellbeing, with a focus a on movement and mindfulness meditation in the work place.

With long demanding office hours comes tight, sore bodies and stressed minds. There is a natural way to combat these pressures – with tailored Flo sessions, programs and retreats. To help reduce stress, improve engagement and boost productivity.  Together with SUMO-sized Catering Boxes and Platters we are building thriving workplaces.

When we look after our physical, emotional and mental health,  we get a sense of energy which is the most important driver of performance in organisations. We call this Fuelling Greatness ®.

Find out more about Flo and their workplace wellness programs here.


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