Sumo’s Weekly Wrap-Up: 24th October

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Weekly Wrap-Up

This week we’ve been impressed by hybrid fruit and animal artworks, watched dogs and cats be inappropriate, found a kitchen solution, and read MORE about coffee on the Weekly Wrap-Up.

Let’s get into it!

Animals as Fruit

Here’s something that will cause conflict for animal and fruit lovers out there – cute animals crossed with delicious fruit. It’s wrong; it’s right; it’s awesome.

Animals as fruit

Cardinator – source: Sarah Deremer

Animal Fruit

Frovocado – source: Sarah Deremer

Animal Fruit

Kiwi – image: Sarah Deremer


View more of Sarah Deremer’s work here.

Pets Interrupting Yoga

We have not been able to stop laughing at this video of people’s pets getting in on their at-home yoga practice. There’s nothing like being humped by your dog mid-pose.

Do you have pets at home that can’t or won’t leave you alone?

Trashy Chopping Board

It's a chopping board, it's a bin, it's everything.

It’s a chopping board, it’s a bin, it’s everything.

Sometimes being in the kitchen can be a messy affair, so when we saw this innovative chopping board design we thought we had to share it. It’s got a detachable tray which hangs over the edge of the counter, so you can easily just swipe scraps into it rather than going back and forth to the bin. Who said innovation had to be complicated?

Available on Amazon


Coffee for the Liver

Drink me.

Drink me.

Last week it was coffee in your genes, this week it’s coffee for the liver! Scientists seem to be obsessed with studying coffee and the talk of the town this week is a study showing drinking coffee can be beneficial for your liver.

An interesting finding is that even decaffeinated coffee can still have a positive effect, so those avoiding the energy spikes can get in on the action too.

The coffee drinkers in the study were found to be 25% less likely to have abnormal liver enzymes.

An abstract of the study is available here

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy & Healthy Eating,

The SumoSalad Team


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