Sumo’s Weekly Wrap Up: 19th August

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Arrgghhh! It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! We’re back again to bring you the bits of the web we enjoyed over the past 7 days.

This week we celebrate with paper origami, explore what nutritionists think we shouldn’t be eating, get salad-spiration and learnt about the latest exercise craze with trampolines.

Check out the weekly wrap up below…

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

We love Pirates! Pirate costumes, pirate movies, Orlando Bloom… Sorry what were we saying? Anyhow, we thought we would get into the spirit a little bit here at Sumo HQ with some pirate ship origami!

Witness our efforts below:

World Pirate Day

Our own pirate ship! Note: May not sail actual seas.

You can make one too! Download our Sumo Pirate Ship Template here and watch the video below for directions on how to fold it up like a pro.


The Foods Nutrition Gurus Steer Clear Of

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Over at The Glow we learnt all about the 8 foods that three nutritional experts agreed were not good news for our tummies. Good news is that salad is not on the list, hooray! Bad news for muesli bar and sausage roll lovers though.

Read the full article here


Eating Salad with Pride

Watermelon, yellow courgette, ricotta salata Source: Salad Pride

Watermelon, yellow courgette, ricotta salata Source: Salad Pride

We’ve been loving the Salad Pride blog run by David Bez, now available as a book full of Salad recipes fit for a king.

David set himself the challenge of making a different salad every day for a year, no mean feat but he achieved it and the results speak for themselves on his blog.

Go check out his blog here and get inspired for your next DYO order.

Bouncing for Fitness

Source: “House of Air The Matrix”

Source: "House of Air The Matrix"

Source: “House of Air The Matrix”

Not that kind of bouncing! We’ve noticed that trampolining is becoming a bit of a thing and we love the idea of it.

Some trampoline centres are even taking fitness classes to combine the fun flipping with a routine to make you really sweat.

Would you go to a trampoline fit class?


That’s all for this week!

Happy and Healthy Eating,

The SumoSalad Team


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