Sumo’s Weekly Wrap Up: 17th October

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Weekly Wrap-Up

Super-pickles, healthy pasta, exercises to keep you injury free and internet addiction, it’s all here in this week’s weekly wrap up!

Pickled Superfoods


Pickles don't always have faces, but when they do... Source Flickr healthserviceglasses

Pickles don’t always have faces, but when they do… Source Flickr healthserviceglasses

Great news if you’re a salt lover! Pickled foods have been labelled as the latest superfood.

David Chang of Momofuku calls the pickling process, “when rotten goes right”. While it sounds a bit icky, the results are delicious (but somewhat acquired) and because of the micro-organisms breaking down the pickled food it is actually easier to digest!

Wine and beer are both fermented items too, although we won’t be commenting on the benefits of grapes vs. wine.

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Cold Pasta Healthier than Hot


Pasta salad hitting the spot Source: Pixabay

Pasta salad hitting the spot Source: Pixabay

Great news for pasta salad and leftover lovers! Pasta is often avoided by dieters for its carbohydrates, however studies have shown that the carb laden dish can actually be processed more like fibre if it is eaten cold or reheated.

When the pasta cools it becomes resistant to being broken down in our bodies like regular carbohydrates and will also absorb fewer calories into your body.

Sounds like we’ll be making more pasta salad this weekend!

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Exercises to prevent injury


Avoid that achey knee Source: Popsugar

Avoid that achey knee Source: Popsugar

The lovely team at PopSugar always keep us up to date with their fitness advice. This latest article has some great tips on exercises that will help prevent injuries across a range of problem areas, including weak ankles, sore knees and tight hamstrings.

Take a quick squiz and stretch it all out this weekend/at your desk. We won’t judge.

Next Level Internet Addiction


Google Glass - are you a fan? Source: Flickr: taedc

Google Glass – are you a fan? Source: Flickr: taedc

We love the internet as much as your next smart-phone insta-food-snapper, but this is insane. An American Navy serviceman has been hospitalised for Google Glass addiction!

The man was wearing the device at all times, only removing it to sleep and shower. He also dreamed as if wearing them and once the device was removed would make involuntary movements, have cravings and memory problems.

The existence of “Internet Addiction Disorder” has been discussed between psychiatrists, but is currently not officially recognised.

Read more here and remember to enjoy the outdoors away from your screens this weekend!