Sumo’s Weekly Wrap Up: 16th Jan

16.01.15 Eat, Play Blog SumoSalad
Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello, and welcome to the first weekly wrap up of the new year!

This week we launched our fabulous, funky-fresh new website. Welcome! We hope you think it is as great as we do, especially when it comes to finding all the good stuff like where to eat Sumo & what to eat on your next visit!

We also launched some great new salads, with mood lifting benefits that are bound to have you feeling energised, chilled out, treated or cleansed.

So…what else has been keeping us interested this week? We thought you’d never ask…

How Often Should We Really Shower?


Are you guilty of skipping a day or two without a shower? Good news is, apparently that is totally fine and possibly better for your skin. Excessive showering can dry out your skin and remove too many of the natural oils that keep us from totally cracking up (in a bad way).

Naya Rivera, from TV show ‘Glee’, sparked controversy recently labelling a daily shower as something for “white people”. Holy moly.

Whatever your view is, there are some psychological benefits of showering daily, like having that fresh feeling and a higher energy level.

Want to skip a shower but don’t want to stink to high heaven? Go Victorian and try out a wash cloth approach and make dry shampoo your very best friend.

All that said, if you’re doing any sweating then please hose yourself down for the benefit of us all.

Festival Considers Area for Grown Ups


Want to avoid this kid? Maybe you can. Source: http://whiteraverrafting.com/the-10-worst-kind-of-people-that-youll-find-at-a-rave/2013/05/13/

Want to avoid this kid? Maybe you can. Source: White Raver Rafting

Love great live music but not such a fan of the messy-just-legally-allowed-to-drink vibe that often accompanies a festival? Soundwave festival boss AJ Maddah recently put a callout on Twitter for suggestions to include in a “Grown Ups” area for the upcoming festival.

With the likes of Smashing Pumpkins & Soundgarden headlining the fest, there will no doubt be some more mature rockers looking for an area where they can be with their peeps.

Suggestions include massages, clean toilets, coffee, and  fancy food & drinks.

What would you want to see from a grown up festival area. SumoSalad?

Google Glass is Dead


You mean they're not cool anymore? Source: Flickr/sndrv

How could they go wrong? Source: Flickr/sndrv

Or at least, they’ve stopped selling the current version of them. The glasses never really took off outside of extreme tech heads and early adopters, and let’s be honest, they are pretty daggy looking.

The specs will be moved to Google’s secret lab until they can make them even more awesome. Or maybe not. We don’t think Google really even knows yet.

Are you disappointed, or do you prefer to live in an un-augmented world?

Skinny Chocolate Shake Recipe


Healthy Chocolate? Yes Please!

Healthy chocolate? Yes Please! Source: Simple Green Moms

Start your weekend off with something delicious! We came across this shake recipe and can’t wait to give it a go.

Check out the recipe and tell us what you think.


Have a happy & healthy weekend,

The SumoSalad Team


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