Sumo Surprise: Harry Hot Dog vs Tommy Tomato

03.09.14 Eat, Play Blog SumoSalad

The greasy adonis of fast food, Harry the Hot Dog, had made tasty Tommy the Tomato red in the face one too many times….it was time to serve up a Sumo Surprise.

No longer was Tommy going to take the jibes about only being fit for the can or that he’d be better off smashed to sauceĀ and smeared all over Harry’s pumped-up meaty body.

Tommy knew that deep inside, he had the juice to go all the way, to make a delicious contribution to salads everywhere and sow the seeds of a fruitful future for misunderstood salad ingredients everywhere.

He’d had his day – it was time to clean up this dog and send him home with a trail of mustard between his legs.

There was only one thing for it. FIGHT!!!!!


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