Sumo Surprise: Carrot Carl’s Stick-Up

17.09.14 Eat, Play Blog SumoSalad
Carl the Carrot - be surprised

After being picked up and left in the not-so-crispy crisper a few too many times, Carrot Carl and his friend Celery Cyril were up to their leafy tops with rage, and ready for revenge….until they got Sumo Surprise.

They were two confused and lonely vegetables who just needed to know that they could be delicious too, but they had instead taken the root of evil. They escaped to trawl the streets, scared and upset that people didn’t seem to carrot all.

That was until they met one couple who recognised their deliciousness and helped them to see the crunch among the sog and brought to you what you know today as Vietnamese Chicken.

Witness the revelation below:


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