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Summer is in full swing and that means one thing; Australia, get ready to experience Sumo’s Summer Of Flex! We’ve got so much planned for you and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

There’s nothing like summer in Australia our nation has always shared a deep love for the hot summer months and all the salt water, sunscreen, sand and scorching heat that follows. Here at Sumo we get super excited about all that comes with this wonderful season. More time with family and friends, adventures through the great outdoors, end of year reflection and of course a vast array of delicious, nutritious and life-giving whole foods. With fresh fruit and veggies, free-range meats, gorgeous grains, summer spices and more all in season summer is the absolute best time to freshen up your plate.

We’ve watched as Australia has fallen in love with the Sumo Flexitarian approach to food and this summer we’re going to continue to unveil the immense benefits of the flexitarian lifestyle as we continue to explore this flexible approach to food: Put simply, the flexitarian movement is all about cutting back on the foods that don’t do you any good and increasing the amazing foods that support a longer, happier life.

This Summer it’s all about that natural plant power! You’ll be amazed at the difference you’ll feel simply by adding some plant-based meals into your week (like #meatfreemondays) and giving your body a break from meat. Now even if your crew don’t follow the same diet choices don’t worry, you won’t be eating alone this Christmas. We’ve got them covered with our 5 Vegetarian Meals for Your Non-Vegetarian Friends:

Believe it or not, there really are tons of options for vegetarians and those looking to live the flexible life with meat-free days. It doesn’t have to be all steamed vegetables and leafy greens – as much as we love them! To make it all a little bit easier for you, we have rounded up our top meat-free options that you can look to cook at home… or just pop into your local SumoSalad store!

Pasta will never let you down when it comes to variety; stuffed shells, ravioli, gnocchi, stir-fry and spaghetti are just a few of our favourites. Just toss in your favourite veggies, and pick a delicious sauce to cook a wholesome, delectable meal in a snap. You can even switch to a healthier alternative by using whole-wheat pasta. Also for a popular stand-in for cheese, give cashews a spin in the food processor to form “ricotta”, giving the dish an uncanny resemblance to the look and flavour.

Soups, Stews and Chilli’s
Hearty vegetarian soups, stews and chilli’s take advantage of high-protein, fibre, foliate and iron ingredients like lentils, dairy, nuts and seeds. Like pasta there are so many different options you could live on them only for the week! There are rich, creamy, and fast tomato soups thickened with nothing but olive oil and bread; slow-cooked bean chilli’s loaded goodness and delicious stews that have all the flavours you are used to just without the meat. These dishes also hold up well which makes them an excellent candidate for leftovers. Bonus!

Pizza is a favourite for everyone around the world of all ages, vegetarian, vegan or not! Pizza makes a great meal for those looking to go meat free since it’s already a familiar food and the variations on vegetarian pizzas are endless. It’s really simple: bread, tomato and cheese, loaded up with a tonne of your favourite veggies, easy!

Mexicano baby!
Full of herbs and spices, Mexican cuisine is the perfect example of food that can be made meatless without losing any flavour. Beans, corn, and tortillas, plus the bright flavours of fresh and dried chillis, cilantro, limes, and the richness of cheese and avocado make Mexican and Tex-Mex vegetarian recipes easy to love. Black beans also make a hearty stand-in for ground beef in vegetarian tacos, nachos and burritos, especially when they’re gussied up with all your favourite toppings! There are so many components to Mexican cuisine, you don’t even miss or need the meat.

And last but not least: Bowls! Grain bowls! These satisfying bad boys are all about the delicious mix-ins and toppings. It’s all about quinoa, bulgur, farro, rice, and barley with easy toppings, mix-ins, and dressings. Sweet and savoury grain bowl the choice is yours! Vegetarian grain bowls are easy to make, good for you, and seriously delicious. Check out our grain bowl here


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