How to Stay Healthy in the Silly Season

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Timo Topp is back to give us more topp tips on how to stay healthy at Christmas.  Take it away Timo……

It’s that time of year when our well-intentioned healthy habits slip because of all those corporate events resulting in excessive eating and drinking. So how do we go about maintaining some sumo sanity and not let our waistlines expand before we have even tucked into Christmas turkey?

Stay on track with your workouts

It’s very easy to skip your workout because of a late night out in favour of a sleep in. A good strategy is to use your morning workout as a reason to keep it sensible and not get too tipsy. Enjoy the evening, leave at a sensible hour and aim to be in the gym at 6am as usual. If you do find your night out did impacts on your workout, reschedule it for another day or time as you would any other important meeting. The trick is, stay on track with your workouts.

Topp Tip: Don’t let silly season be a reason to skip your workout, instead flip it and use it as a reason to not over indulge.

Set some limits

Free flowing alcohol can be hard to resist so set yourself a two drink limit so you can join in the festivities without getting too tanked.  Along with free flowing alcohol is the constant parade of tantalising canapes pushed under your nose. Sure, enjoy one or two so as not to appear rude or boring but stick to your healthy eating habits and say ‘no thank you’. If anyone comments why you aren’t indulging, tell them you have achieved some amazing results with your training program and you don’t want to spoil it. Perhaps they will admire your commitment and dedication. Also go to the event with an approximate exit time so you know when plan to leave otherwise you may just turn into a pumpkin!

Topp Tip: Set a limit of two on drinks and canapes and have an exit time in mind.

Compensate with a little extra diligence

It’s Christmas – sure enjoy yourself! Life is for living and enjoying as much as it is staying fit and healthy. So, if you do have one or two big nights out compensate with a little extra gym work or cut back on a few calories within the next few days. Keep it in mind that every drink you have will need about 15-20 minutes of exercise to burn off, depending on the type of drink and exercise you do. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind to calculate the extra time in the gym you need to balance out the silly season fun (sorry!).

Topp Tip: Go a little harder, longer or add in some extra exercises to compensate for a fun night out and cut back on a few unnecessary discretionary calories elsewhere in your week.

A little gratitude goes a long way

Let’s not forget Christmas is a time for giving and saying ‘thank you’ as much as it is for overindulging and having a great time. Gratitude is a very simple and profound way to enhance your own mental wellbeing as well as adding a little to joy to the lives of others, so instead of blowing the money on booze, here are a few ideas you might like to consider.

  • Skip your latte and give the change to a homeless person. Sure, they may just use the money to buy alcohol but the way I see it is, if someone is begging on the street, their life is a lot worse than yours and need the money more. It’s Christmas, show a bit more charity.
  • Say ‘thank you’ to friends, family and work colleagues who have done something awesome and supportive for you this year. Consider buying a little gift or writing a good old-fashioned Christmas card to express yourself.
  • Consider an extra donation to your favorite charity. Even if you are a regular supporter of charities, Christmas is a time when a little extra love is needed for the less fortunate. My personal choice is the homeless and sick or disadvantaged children as, in my mind, both could do with a helping hand whilst we celebrate and have fun.

Topp Tip: It’s a great time of year to say ‘thank you’ and give a little extra love to those who need it the most. Acts of kindness and giving impact positively on our own personal wellbeing.

Drink some water

What’s good for a hangover? Drinking heavily the night before! Boom! A little Christmas joke for you! Seriously, if you don’t want to go through the day feeling flat and foggy, drink some water when you get in from your night out and have some water as soon as wake up.

Topp Tip: Drinking water is the basis of feeling energised and living a healthy life but at this times of year it’s worth keeping in mind to help with the hangover.

So, enjoy your Silly season with a touch of discretion. Stick to your workouts and add in a little extra diligence to compensate for a few big nights out and you can find the perfect balance between having fun and staying healthy, without being boring or ending up with unwanted bulges.


Timo Topp is a fitness and wellness coach with 25 years international experience. It is his mission to help busy people live a better quality of life through fitness and wellbeing. In a world of conflicting, confused advice and complex fitness programs that can be too hard to follow, Timo offers down to earth ‘workable’ advice that you can work into your busy day and it is proven to ‘work’ – to help you look, feel and perform at your best, at work and for living life. He is a published author and speaker on workplace wellness and loves to share content, so please get in touch!   www.timotopp.com  |  www.facebook.com/sydneystopptrainer   |  www.linkedin.com/in/timotopp



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