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Over the last three months, we have introduced the flexitarian movement: the new way to eat and live. Never before has there been such an easy (and delicious!) way of eating that’s been scientifically proven to prevent disease, aid weight loss and increase energy for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Sumo’s flexitarian movement is helping to minimise meat consumption in Australia without excluding it all together. By adding new foods to our diet as opposed to excluding any, we have discovered a range of health benefits that have made us feel amazing from the inside out. From disease prevention, helping to live a longer & healthier life, to being good for your gut, having a healthier mental mindset for food and of course helping save the planet, it’s a wonder Australia didn’t discover this lifestyle trend sooner!

Flexitarian star Dr Zac confirms, “studies show that indicate a strong connection between eating less meat and eating a plant-based diet, to boosting your chances of lengthening life. Easily adaptable to aid in weight control plans as going flexitarian will lower your carbohydrate intake, making weight more manageable.”

As the weather heats up so does our passion for the flexitarian movement. This summer we are going to be continuing to champion this lifestyle trend covering a range of different topics. We’ll be bringing you lots of interesting and helpful features from the best raw/no-cook foods to beat the heat this summer, to why Australians are embracing plant-based diets and healthy flexitarian substitutions for any meal.

We hope you are all as excited for what’s to come in summer as we are! Bring it on!


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