Spring Tomato Planting Guide

22.09.14 Grow, Learn Blog SumoSalad

Spring is upon us and one of our favourite things about this is that tomatoes are about to become a whole lot juicier and more delicious. In-store we are featuring tomatoes more as part of our focus on seasonal produce, with our New Season Tomato and CousCous Express Deli Salad.


Now is also the perfect time to get planting some tomatoes of your own with help from our tomato planting guide. We don’t like to let our smaller urban garden limit us, so here is a quick how-to guide for potted tomato success.

You’ll need:

  • Sheltered & sunny outdoor spot
  • Large Pot with good drainage; try and find one as wide as it is tall. Green Bags from the supermarket can also work, just make sure you have something under it as it will leak!
  • Soil
  • Fertiliser
  • Tomato Seedlings – use a bushy type of plant for pots


  1. Mix your fertiliser and soil together to ensure it is well nourished. Your tomatoes will eat up nutrients quickly so it is important to ensure you start off with a good amount of fertiliser
  2. Fill your pot or container 1/4 full of soil
  3. Plant your seedling, ensuring the base of the stem is in the soil so your plant is supported
  4. Add more soil until your have covered about half of the exposed stem
  5. Water and water well! Give it a good soak and then water once more one the first round has soaked up.
  6. Monitor weekly and make sure your soil doesn’t dry out completely, but don’t make your tomato plant soggy either
  7. After a month or so, start fertilising your plant weekly with a water soluable fertiliser of your choice
  8. Once your tomatoes are red, pick and eat!

All the best for your gardening!

Happy & healthy eating,


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