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With winter upon us, we need to work hard to keep fit and maintain a strong immune system. The best way to achieve this is by enjoying nutritious foods such as delicious soups that are packed full of all the goodness our bodies need as an immune boost to keep them Fuelling Greatness® this season.

Soup not only makes for a quick and easy comfort food (especially when it’s chilly outside) but it can also be extremely good for you. What are the health benefits of consuming a delicious, heart-warming soup, you may ask? Read on below, friends…

It’s power-packed with nutrients:
If you find eating a plate of vegetables difficult to get excited about during winter, soups are an excellent way to consume multiple vegetables in one serve. Adding even a small amount of extra veggies (such as broccoli or kale) to any soup is a great way to increase your intake of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Unlike other cooking methods, soup retains the vitamins and minerals of cooked vegetables. Whether you are making a soup with lentils, beans or meat to accompany your choice of vegetables, you get a full array of nutrients in that vitamin-packed broth.

Soup is convenient (and simple to grab from Sumo!):
Soup is one of the most versatile and convenient foods you can find. You can prepare a big batch and turn it into a grab-and-go meal by freezing it in individual servings. It’s also easy to make with whatever you already have in the fridge! Blend extra vegetable curry with a can of coconut milk, round up all those vegetables sitting in the fridge or turn the remains of last night’s roast chicken into a delicious soup. Why let your leftovers go to waste when they can be transformed into a tasty meal in minutes?

They’re low in fat and high in fibre:
Many favourite soup recipes include beans, lean meats and vegetables; three ingredients known for their low-fat and high-fibre composition, which makes soup a wonderfully healthy meal option. Lentils and vegetables are high in fibre and also help you to burn fat, increase your metabolism and curb cravings. Low-calorie bases such as water, veggie broth, and chicken stock make soups one of the least calorically dense meals you can eat, making it the perfect meal for those watching their intake.

Head to Sumo this winter to enjoy some hot, hearty, sensational soups including our Kale, Quinoa & Vege stocked with superfood power, delicious Thai Chicken with free-range chicken, mushrooms, lemon & chilli and Hearty Beef & Vege packed with fresh veggies and a range of delicious herbs including rosemary and thyme!

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