Permaculture Community Garden: a hidden gem

20.10.14 Grow, Learn Blog SumoSalad
Permaculture: It is totally the future

IMG_1151As we traipsed down the Pacific Highway in the blazing afternoon sun, we were skeptical about whether we had come to right place. ‘Opposite the Great Northern Hotel, just behind the Uniting Church’, was how our PermaPatch representative, Colin Maltman, had described the location of the Permaculture Community Garden. As the cars burned past us, it seemed unlikely.

But sure enough, past the church, around the graveyard and through the car park, is an amazingly peaceful, shady green spot full of gorgeous plants, vegetables and the odd free-ranging chicken (more on them in later blog posts!)


Despite the name, Permaculture has nothing to do with growing weird stuff in a petri-dish or people sportingThe future of organic gardening unfashionably curly 80’s hairstyles. It’s actually about having a community based garden that is self-sustaining, where everything in the garden is used or renewed. Any waste is put back to compost, solar panels are used to produce electricity and there are plans to install a SumoSalad sponsored Aquaponics system which will be a renewable source of water.

This sustainable ethos extends to the membership of the garden – you pay $50 annually to become a member and in return you can take as much homegrown, fresh produce from the garden as is sustainable. Any surplus produce is put back into the garden.

PermaPatch lettuce

To find out more about PermaPatch, pop along to the Sunday open days or go to their website here. http://www.permapatch.org.au/


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