Ronni Khan Interview: How YOU Can Make A Difference This Winter!

26.07.17 Grow, Learn Blog SumoSalad

Thanks to all of YOU, our winter campaign with OzHarvest has already helped thousands in need. With one month left to go it’s the perfect time to nourish your body with a delicious dish and instantly make a difference. Don’t forget, for every SumoSalad uploaded on social media and tagged with #heatupthestreet, we’ll deliver a meal to an Aussie doing it tough. It’s that easy!

We sat down with the ultra-inspirational founder of OzHarvest Ronni Khan to talk about her motivation to help those less fortunate, the importance of addressing food wastage and how each and every one of us can change the lives of vulnerable Australians…

Q. Ronni, thanks for chatting with us today to talk about OzHarvest, the leading food rescue organisation in Australia. Can you tell us a little more about what inspired you to start this charitable organisation?

A. To be honest, I never set out to start a charity.  I knew mountains of good food was going to waste (I saw it every day through my events business) and that people were going hungry, I thought if I could connect the two, it could only be a good thing.  That was 13 years ago. I started with one van, the first of many donations from the Goodman+ Foundation and delivered 4,000 in the first month.  OzHarvest now operates nationally with a fleet of 45 vehicles, saving over 100 tonnes of food from landfill every week and delivering it to over 1000 charitable agencies helping to feed people in need.

Q. Australia is known as the lucky country but there are millions of vulnerable Aussies doing it tough – do you believe it’s important for all of us to help others and make a difference where we can?

A. There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone.  We already have the solution; we’re just throwing it away.

Australia is one of the biggest food wasting countries, we produce enough food for 60 million, yet 2 million people still rely on food relief.  It’s crazy.  At OzHarvest, we are working hard to ensure a regular supply of nourishing food to over 1000 charities across the country, but many say they could take double to meet the demand.

The truth is, wasting food is a waste of everything – valuable land, water, energy, resources, money and love.  Over 4 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in Australia, we all need to play our part to reduce this figure.  The Government is now working on a national food waste strategy and more businesses are finding ways through management and waste efficiency. But with half of food wasted coming from households, the power lies with people to make a dramatic difference through our everyday actions to save food at home.

OzHarvest has just hosted ten events around to country to raise awareness of the issue and inspire consumers to take action and fight food waste at home, check out the website for our A-Z of food saving tips here.

Q. OzHarvest has partnered with SumoSalad again for the #heatupthestreet campaign with one meal delivered for every Sumo meal shared on social media this winter. Is there a story that comes to mind that would inspire our readers to get involved and help make a difference during the colder months?

A. “I’ve been redistributing rescued food to people in need since 2004, and know how important access to a warm and nourishing meal is when the colder months draw in. It’s something we often take for granted.  A hot meal can be a source of comfort as well as supporting the health and well-being of people doing it tough day in day out.

Last year during #heatupthestreet, we went out with the Sumo team serving hot soup and rescued to food to vulnerable people in Sydney.  Despite the cold night, I felt the genuine warmth from everyone I met that night, everyone has a different story and sometimes it does not take much to lose the roof over your head, your job or family security.  When every day is about surviving, knowing you can get something to eat can be life changing.

For every dollar donated to OzHarvest, we can help provide two meals to people in need.

Q. Finally, one for the foodies – what’s your favourite dish that’s been created by the OzHarvest chefs this winter?

A. My absolute favourite this winter is the divine Day-Old Bread Dumplings created by using up stale bread.  The amazing OzHarvest chefs were challenged to conjure up new ways of using commonly wasted ingredients; bread is the number one wasted food!  The result was these sensational savoury dumplings that just melt in your mouth, the perfect winter warmer and so easy to cook as per the following recipe!



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