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I Want It My Way
We love customerization; the ability to personalise a product to our own individual wants and needs. From coffee to cosmetics, health insurance to clothing, we love being able to creatively tailor products and services exactly how we want them.

It’s the same with food. As individuals, we all have different requirements. From taste preferences, health needs, food allergies & intolerances, ethical & religious choices and even general likes and dislikes, we all have our own unique food requirements.

As a dietitian, my job is all about customerization. Every day I create personalised meal plans for my individual clients to meet their needs to help them achieve their specific health goals. This means when a food retailer offers customised meals, I’m all for it!

Customised meals means you can tailor the ingredients exactly to your individual dietary needs & still create a meal you love the taste of. For example, if you have high cholesterol, you can cut out the cheese and add salmon & nuts or if you have diabetes, you have the ability to swap the white rice for quinoa. If you’re vegan, have coeliacs disease or other food allergies, being able to customise your menu choices means you can create a variety of healthy meals that eliminate the ingredients you can’t or choose not to eat. It’s a win all round!

Sumo Salad Do It Your Way
This is where Australia’s largest healthy fast food retailer Sumo Salad have stepped in. Sumo Salad understands that we are all individuals with differing dietary, taste and health requirements. At Sumo, you have the freedom to create your very own personalized salads. Sumo’s Autumn menu lets you mix and match any different combo of ingredients to design your salad exactly how you want it. From mixed veggies, healthy grains, leafy greens, to toasted nuts & delicious dressings.…any combination is possible.

My Sumo Salad
I was lucky enough to be one of the first to create my own signature Sumo Salad from Sumo’s Autumn menu. Healthy and nutritious and using only fresh, local ingredients, my customized Sumo Salad is loaded with seasonal veggies, packed full of plant proteins and flavoured with delicious garlic balsamic. It has no unhealthy fats, artificial colours, flavours or genetically modified products and I created it to be full of nourishing wholefoods busting with flavor & crunch. Oh & its completely vegan!

Design Your Own Salad & WIN $10,000
Now it’s your turn to get creative and design your own signature Sumo Salad! Sumo are running a “My Sumo” competition by which you can design your very own salad and have the chance to win a whopping $10,000! And if you win, your salad will be served in stores AND you will score an added 1% of total sales*.

Are you up for the challenge? The competition runs from 14 March- 20 April (23:59 pm), with winners announced May 7, 2016. Simply head over to www.sumosalad.com to check out the full terms and conditions and to enter.
*For promotional period of 28 days

Written by Rebecca Gawthorne – Dietitian & Nutritionist



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