Merry Flexmas: 6 Tips For Planning Your Best Christmas Ever!

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Cherries are in season, Mariah Carey Christmas Carols are playing from every available speaker and the calendar is packed with social events, family visits and travel plans…clearly, the Christmas season is officially here, guys!

With a to-do list longer than Santa’s delivery slip for an entire suburb, it can be a stressful time of year for many of us. The good news? There are some simple and wonderfully effective steps you can take to ensure this holiday season is truly heaven! Read on for ho-ho life hacks:  Merry Flexmas: 6 Tips For Planning Your Best Christmas Ever!

Enjoy The Excitement 
Sometimes it’s the journey, not the destination; a phrase that rings true when it comes to Christmas. One of the best things about Christmas is the weeks leading up to the big day –  filled with excitement, planning, time with loved ones and getting to relax a little bit (hopefully!). Don’t get so caught up in wrapping presents that you miss all the beauty, love and fun of Christmas over the next few weeks! Take a moment, put your feet up and soak up the Santa vibes.

Start A Christmas Tradition
Whether you do this with friends or family, nothing brings people together like a special tradition. Traditions draw groups of people together, spread a message of inclusiveness and can very quickly become sacred practice after a year or two. Choose something meaningful to you and your tribe: an evening walk to see the lights on Christmas Eve, having everyone pick a special decoration to hang on the tree or all coming together to bake your favourite Christmas treats.

Shop Online (We cannot stress this enough).
So shopping centres and retail stores are great and are usually a lot of fun. However. In the lead up to Christmas, most shopping centres become stress-inducing structures made up of zero available parking, masses of manic humans and Kmart trips that were meant to take 5 minutes but that was 4 hours ago.

Skip the stress and do the bulk of your gift shopping online! Many online retailers offer discounts, payment options and free delivery (and don’t forget to shop around!).

Rock Recycled | Gifts, Wrapping & Decorations
We’ll be honest – back in the day, recycled or second-hand items had a pretty lowly reputation. Luckily, we’re living in 2017 and times have changed! As we continue to take steps to reduce our waste, carbon footprint and product consumption for the sake of the planet, recycling is not only beneficial but also so hot right now. Collect cardboard boxes from the supermarket to use for gifts, donate unwanted clothing to charity or make decorations from extra paper, timber pieces and greenery from the garden.

Breathe In, Breathe Out.
Unfortunately even the calmest, most level-headed human experiences moments of stress during the holidays. Triggered by anything from family squabbles to decorations, feast planning or lack of hours in a day, we all feel the stretch in December. But the good news is you already have your destress secret weapon – your breathing! When it all gets too much, take a moment to quiet your mind and focus on deep, even breathing calm your mind.

Food: Fresh Is Best!
Obviously, it wouldn’t be an amazing Christmas without the FOOD! Loved ones coming together to create and enjoy (too much) delicious dining is without a doubt one of Australia’s favourite Christmas traditions…so make sure your table is packed with the freshest, best pieces available this Christmas. Avoid sugary or salty snacks, candy or low-quality items and focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole foods, premium grains, meats and baked goods. Your body, mind, wallet and Christmas crew will thank you! 


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