Mark Mathews: The Dream Was to be Paid to Surf

23.09.15 Grow Blog SumoSalad

A lot of people wouldn’t believe Mark Mathews when he tells them he was terrified of the ocean as a kid. They definitely wouldn’t believe him when he says his mum had to rescued him from the surf on several occasions, but that’s what makes his story so remarkable. Determined to overcome his fear and follow his dream, Mark’s dedication has paid off with his transition from overcoming his childhood fear of the ocean to becoming a professional surfer. Mark Mathews is now widely regarded as one of the world’s best big wave surfers, having won three Oakley Big Wave Awards back to back. He’s has also starred in the award winning documentary Fighting Fear, which documents his journey to success and the events along the way.

Not only is Mark now one of the best professional surfers in the world, but he is also a motivational speaker, encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zones. According to Mark, “Nothing amazing in your life happens on your lounge. If you don’t have fear in your life somewhere you are going to have regrets later on. You look back and think…what a waste.”.

This Spring, we follow Mark on the TV show, The Crew, along with his friends Richie Vaculik and Kid Mac on their journey to the top of their game. Here in our interview with Mark, he gives us some personal advice on how he has become one of the world’s best surfers, counting two main reasons as who you surround yourself with and keeping a positive outlook.



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