Mark Mathews: Surfing is the Best Part of Your Travels

21.10.15 Grow Blog SumoSalad

A pro surfer like Mark Mathews would know a little bit about travelling by now. Mark has surfed in some of the world’s best and biggest surf spots including Chile, Mexico, Western Australia’s “The Right” wave, Indonesia’s Kandui, USA’s Pacific big waves and more. After seeing the world in some of the most remote and beautiful places, Mark still counts the surfing part of his travels as the best part.

There has been lots of research done on travelling and it’s effect on happiness. With summer coming up and Christmas vacations looming in the not to distant future, here are a few reasons we think that you should empower yourself by doing some travelling:

  1. Gain Confidence with situations outside your comfort zone – as Mark Mathews said before “Nothing amazing in life happens on your lounge.” Amen. Whether it’s meeting new people or finding yourself in situations that require you to adapt or give you an element of surprise, there is nothing like the feeling of finding comfort in the unknown.
  2. Be Inspired – Different places evoke different senses, whether it be food, fashion, architecture, culture or just general way of life.
  3. Make New Friends – this is easier to do when you are travelling, there are less boundaries and travellers are not focused on that day to day grind. By opening yourself up to others you also open up the doors to adventure.
  4. De-Stress & Have “You Time” – we are always trying to de-stress in our day to day lives but it is easier said than done. When travelling, you get the opportunity to disconnect from the world as much or as little as you want and gain that breathing space back.
  5. New Experiences & Moments to Appreciate – this is all about the little moments. The sunrises and sunsets, people watching from cafes, and the busy markets in Thailand. It’s all those little moments that intrigue happiness and give us memories we will never forget.

Watch Mark Mathews talk about the best parts of his travels:


Happy travels this spring!





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