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03.02.14 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

My crusade against unhealthy, but convenient eating options all started when I moved to the US in my twenties for a job in IT. After a few years I was climbing an uphill battle with weight gain, wrestling with an American lifestyle of super-sized this and super-sized that. I was always tired because I wasn’t eating enough nutrients or getting enough exercise. This affected my day-to-day focus at work. In my spare time I would go for a jog and even this seemed to be a hard task due to my poor diet.

When I returned to Australia, I could see Australian’s were rapidly heading down the same path as the US. Noticing a gap in the market for healthy, affordable, convenient lunchtime options, I decided to start up an alternative for all Australians. 11 years on and Sumo Salad is the largest healthy fast food franchise in Australia.

But the crusade will never end. Research and technology will always show us better ways of eating and living well. Sumo Salad will ensure to respond in time, after deep consideration of what’s best for people, suppliers and franchisees and in the case of livestock, animal welfare.

Last week we made the switch to free-range chicken across Sumo Salad’s entire menu. We now only serve humanely farmed chicken from paddock to plate making SumoSalad the only fast food chain in Australian food courts to serve free-range chicken across our entire menu. Our free-range chickens are pasture raised outdoors, with fresh air, sunshine, space to grow and delivered with no hormones or genetic mortifications. So you can feel comforted to know that what you’re eating at SumoSalad is better for animals, better for you and tastes great!

Starting up Sumo Salad has definitely helped to keep me motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. The switch to free-range chicken is one of many battle plans we’re looking to launch into Sumo Salad stores this year. With another notch on the SumoSalad belt, we’re rearing up for an even healthier year full of wins!


POSTED BY: Luke Baylis

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