Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet With These 15 Life Hacks

04.01.17 Eat, Grow, Play Blog SumoSalad

So 2017 as arrived and here at SumoSalad we’re all about making it your best year yet. With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of 15 must do’s for the new year, from daily habits to one-off adventures. Let’s do this.

1. Eat better. No really – you are what you eat and 2017 is the time to add more fresh seasonal produce, delicious protein-packed meats and nutrient rich grains like those found in our summer menu.

2. Buy the new shoes/dress/jeans. A new year is the perfect time to spruce up your wardrobe so if it looks good and makes you feel good just do it.

3. Plan a weekend getaway with the crew to look forward to, you’ll be amazed what a little trip does for the heart and soul.

4. Hug your loved ones on the daily. It feels good.

5. Read a book. Fiction, non-fiction, it doesn’t matter. Just start turning those pages.

6. Call your parents. They miss you.

7. Try an exercise you’ve never done before. HIIT, dance classes, pilates, boxing – shake it up and start sweating.

8. Stop comparing yourself to others. No, seriously. Stop. You’re on your own path and you’re making it happen in your own time.

9. Start that side project. Launch a blog, make your grandma’s secret jam recipe to sell at the markets, sell some vintage or pre-loved items on eBay. A little side business will do wonders for your creativity and drive.

10. Commit to booking yourself at least 2 massages a year. Thank us later.

11. Turn your car into a karaoke studio and own that Beyonce impression. A little music goes a long way.

12. Stop looking back at the past. You’re not going that way.

13. Stay on the look out for people tat make you laugh. Once found, befriend them.

14. Go home on time. You can’t cuddle your career at night.



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