Living The Plantpower Way: We’re Bringing Rich Roll & Julie Piatt To Australia This March!

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Are you ready to discover better health, improve your fitness and increase your motivation through the power of nutrition?

Rich Roll and Julie Piatt are two of the most inspirational health + wellness advocates in the world and we’re bringing them to Australia in conjunction with New Normal Project and Conscious Club for two very special nights….

Introducing the Living The Plantpower Way events in Sydney and Melbourne this March!

Rich Roll is known across the globe as the ultimate ‘Everyman Hero’. After struggling with alcohol, poor diet choices and inactivity for nearly 20 years, Rich Roll turned his life around at 40 years of age to be named one of the 25 Fittest Men In The World and the author of #1 best selling book Finding Ultra. With over 12 million downloads of his Podcast he’s literally changing lives across the globe through his passionate message of plant-based nutrition, fitness and spiritual practice.

His wife Julie is a world-renowned vegan chef, deep meditation guide and an artist, singer and songwriter. Her approach to food is enriched with deep wisdom and her knowledge of what it means to experience deep intimacy in your own relationships is a message that will change you for the better.

Together they recently released The Plantpower Way, their vegan cookbook focused on transforming to a life of health, vitality and authenticity and the core of their upcoming events in Sydney (March 16, 2017) and Melbourne (March 17, 2017).

“Being vegan I have found that I am able to repair my body and recover well from workouts and am able to bounce back fresh day in and day out. Believe me, if I felt like I really needed to eat meat or dairy over the last 3 years, I would have. I just never felt like I really needed to.’

‘Ultra marathon legend and plant-strong Scott Jurek claims that his body has become so adept at absorbing his nutrient rich foods that he needs to eat less and operates at a higher efficiency. I can honestly say that I know what he is talking about. And I think he and Carl Lewis (who performed at his peak on a plant-based diet) know what they are talking about” – Rich Roll

Both the Sydney and Melbourne events will include a presentation by Rich Roll, a group meditation and a live music performance by Julie Piatt, presentations by Andrew Davies and Andrew Taylor about their lifestyle transformations and an interactive Q&A interactive session with Rich and Julie.

We’re particularly proud to be working with Julie to create a 100% plant-based SumoSalad meal that will be featured at both events and offered across selected stores in the weeks following.

Just like us, Rich and Julie are particularly passionate about selecting fresh, local, nutrient-dense ingredients to use in their day-to-day lives, all while keeping the process convenient and as simple as possible.

“ Rich Roll’s and Julie’s mission taps into Sumo Salad’s purpose as a business to make Australia a healthier place by offering tasty, healthy honest food in an affordable and convenient way” says Luke Baylis Ceo and C-Founder SumoSalad.

So, are you ready to transform to a life of health, vitality and authenticity? Tickets are selling fast, secure yours now at www.livingtheplantpowerway.com


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