Living a healthy Christmas season with heart-fullness and peace

02.12.15 Grow, Learn, Play Blog SumoSalad

It’s that time of year – you can find yourself feeling burnt out, chasing deadlines, planning Christmas day, overloaded with festive season activities and confusion as to how it is December already!!! A season supposed to be full of jolly – next thing you know, you are ready to loose your cool.

Take a slow deep breath in, hold and breathe out. Breathing is one of my favourite ‘go to’ tools to get a grip on what is important, what is, and does it really matter? It really can be that simple – stop and breathe. When you move out of your mind’s way, the simple, beautiful treasures start to pop, whether it be a flower, the sun shining on your skin or the smile from a stranger.

Becoming aware of the simple things, even when walking in the (sometimes) chaos of Christmas, is a great key to wellness. Awareness enables you to make choices that serve you, from recognising when you have had enough Christmas pudding or making the decision to go for a walk. Awareness opens you up to giving the gift of ‘you’ to others and opening up to being grateful for those things that we too often don’t see. Through awareness you can live a more heart-full and abundant life.

Our bodies internal response to a stress free Christmas brings on a healthier you.

Choosing to live a heart-full and conscious festive season – being there for that bite of ham, being there for that family connection and being there for the festive seasons activities cultivates a healthy, glowing, stress free vibe for your Christmas cheer.

Why? Because you are worth it.

Happy heart-full and healthy Christmas!

image002 Kerrie Otto de Grancy

 Co Founder of Evolve Yourself Institute


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