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Lisa Clark is an inspiring Australian with a lot on her plate. The Bondi-based television personality, blogger and style icon is passionate about spreading a positive message of empowerment for young women, living an action-packed healthy lifestyle and encouraging all Aussies to live life to the fullest as a writer for Fitness First magazine. Today she talks to us about her discovery of the flexitarian movement and how the new lifestyle trend fuels her daily schedule by sharing her day on a plate!

“First we eat the food and then we do the things.

With so many diets and eating plans going around it’s hard to know what’s right for you, I’m on the path to healthy living and have tried and tested a few methods, the problem is I LOVE FOOD and don’t want to miss out on the fab-deliciousness that Sydney’s food scene offers so I’ve found my ultimate eating guide: it comes in the form of the Flexitarian movement sweeping Australia. In a nutshell, I am focussing more on a plant-based diet.

Check out my day on a plate and see if you think it’s something you could stick to and more importantly enjoy!

Pre Training: I start my morning with hot water and lemon, the plan is to hydrate before I head to F45 Training in Bondi and sweat it all out. It’s a great way to flush out your digestive system and hydrate all at the same time.

Breakfast: I’ll usually have rolled oats with almond milk and slices of banana and strawberry. It keeps me full until lunch but I don’t feel heavy or bloated, so it’s the perfect start to the day.

Lunch: I am obsessed with Salmon, I eat it very regularly and a favourite lunchtime snack of mine is Cruskits with Philadelphia cheese, smoked salmon and alfalfa sprouts.

If I’m out at meetings I usually grab a salad on the run, SumoSalad is my go to as they have a heap of healthy options and I can mix it up with a Green Goddess Grain Bowl or design my own creation depending on what I am feeling like on the day. I always have my water bottle with me and I’ll ensure I’m drinking two litres a day, I’ve done that for so long it has just become routine now.

Snacks: I’ll usually snack at about 3pm and fruit is my go-to, I’ll usually have sliced apples mixed in with some yoghurt and trail mix for that delicious arvo pick me up.

Dinner: I am obsessed with brussel sprouts at the moment, I usually put them in the oven with a little spoon of coconut oil and lots of salt and pepper and roast them until they’re crunchy, I’ll then heat up some falafels and add a dollop of hummus and I am good to go.

I’ll sometimes snack while I watch TV and I’ll usually go for an organic, lightly salted popcorn. And sometimes I’ll wash it down with a glass of pinot!

The trick is to treat yourself occasionally and ensure you are drinking a tonne of water and lots of greens. I can’t wait to hear if being a flexitarian works for you too!”


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