Superstar Trainer Jono Castano Acero: 5 Tips For A Fit, Fresh February!

31.01.18 Eat, Grow Blog SumoSalad

With February upon us, the silly season spanning Christmas, New Year and Australia Day celebrations is finally drawing to a close which means it’s the perfect opportunity to detox, refresh and rejuvenate after the indulgence of the last few months.

Work parties, family gatherings and ‘meeting mates for a few drinks’ social scenarios are played out in full force over the festive period. While these good times are well deserved, they can put a strain on your routine and how you approach food, training, health and wellness. We all love a good indulge but with the arrival of February it’s time to feel fit, fantastic and fresh again!

A body reset can be as simple as small changes in your diet, increasing exercise or switching unhealthy treats for their wholesome alternatives, resulting in greater mental clarity, increased energy, a stronger immune system and a more vibrant, healthier you.

To kick-start your fantastic February, we’ve gone to the best of the best; superstar personal trainer Jono Castano Acero! Founder of the Acero Training Series, Australia’s most in-demand celebrity PT, a passionate advocate of good health and all-round awesome Aussie, Jono shares his 5 Tips For A Fit, Fresh February!

Base your meals around wholefoods
For a fit body to thrive you need to feed it with the best possible diet. Favoring mostly whole foods such as lean proteins, vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains like those used in SumoSalad’s menu provides you with the most nutrients dense diet to support your goals. And since most vegetables are high in fibre you will also feel fuller for longer without going overboard with calories. Which can help dealing with calorie dense cravings and snacking throughout the day.

Set a weekly limit on alcohol
Skipping alcohol would do wonders for most of us. Unfortunately, only a few people have the willpower to swear off drinking altogether. If you can’t skip alcohol for a full month, set a strict weekly drink-limit for yourself. This still gives you the flexibility to allocate your weekly quota however you want. Whether it’s two drinks on Friday and Saturday, or all four drinks on one day.

Schedule your training times in the calendar ahead of time
Whether you train with a trainer, as a part of a group, or on your own, schedule one month’s worth of appointments in your calendar. Then treat scheduled training times like they are your most important meetings this month. Want to kick the accountability up a notch? Make a deal with yourself that each time you miss a scheduled training time you’ll donate money to a cause you can’t stand.

Include extra low-level activity whenever you can
15 minutes of extra walking a day might not seem much, but it adds up. If you walk an extra 15 minutes each day over the course of February it ends up being an extra seven hours of walking. The best thing? You’ll probably get your daily 15 minutes by taking the stairs instead of lift or escalator, parking your car further away from the station. Failing that try taking a longer route when walking to get your morning coffee.

Focus on big compound lifts
Time is money and no one has hours to spend at a gym each day. To be more efficient with your time choose exercises that stimulate multiple muscle groups at once. This means doing squats instead of sitting on a leg extension machine. Choosing chin-ups over bicep curls. And focusing on overhead presses and not tricep extensions, just to name few.


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