Hydroponic Garden Launch at PermaPatch

02.03.15 Grow, Learn Blog SumoSalad

As part of SumoSalad’s commitment to making healthy food more accessible to the wider community, we have partnered with the Lane Cove community garden, PermaPatch, and hydroponic system builders, Hydromasta, to build a sustainable and efficient garden wall to grow varieties of lettuce and strawberries.

We were very pleased to see the official launch of the SumoSalad sponsored hydroponic system on Saturday, along with members of the garden & Hydromasta.

It was a great afternoon which showcased everything the community garden offers, and an opportunity to meet the different members of the garden who come from all walks of life with a shared interest in growing their own produce despite their own space restrictions at home.

We were delighted to see the garden’s own community built wood-fired pizza oven in action. Everyone put in the effort to harvest & use produce grown on-site including passata made from tomatoes in the garden and fresh herbs to make some healthy and tasty pizzas, which went perfectly with our own salads (Pesto Chicken, and Pumpkin & Beetroot, yum!).

Once we all had some food in our bellies, we learnt about all of the fantastic benefits of the hydroponic garden system from Trevor at Hydromasta, as well as some advice to convert the system into an aquaponic environment so that the community can also grow fish in the system and use the fish waste as fertiliser.

Our CEO and Co-Founder Luke Baylis and his family were very impressed with the garden and Luke is already planning the next evolution of community gardening – stay tuned for that!

Other highlights included visiting the chooks who always have loads of personality, the bees which make honey on-site and keep all of the plants flowering happily, and the kids especially loved the snails & bugs (we’re not sure the gardeners felt the same way).

The PermaPatch members are also passionately lobbying to have the controversial 10/50 Vegetation code changed in the North Shore which is seeing lots of trees cut down in the area and seen as a threat to sustainability. PermaPatch members participated in a tree planting ceremony on the day to help make up for some of the recently felled trees in the area. If you would like to learn more about this and “Stop the Chop” you can find more information about the campaign here.

PermaPatch Vice-President Colin Maltman with a Angophora planted to help fight the 10/50 legislation

PermaPatch Vice-President Colin Maltman with a Angophora planted to help fight the 10/50 legislation

PermaPatch is a mostly community funded initiative and they are constantly looking to engage new members to help share their passion for sustainability and leaving a smaller footprint behind. If you would like to get involved and grab your own patch with this committed and engaging bunch, get in touch with them here.


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