Healthy Plate, Great Shape: Dr Zac Shares His Weight Loss Secrets

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Weight loss isn’t easy (if it were, we wouldn’t have all of the diet plans and products). But even the smallest weight loss tricks or mind hacks can make a big difference when it comes to sticking to your diet or weight loss plan.

Healthy, sustainable weight loss isn’t about conforming to a certain size or shape – we all share wildly different genetics and our body types are just as diverse. The driving motivation behind reaching your healthy weight (and maintaining it) runs much deeper than a beach bod hashtag. It’s about long-lasting strong health, revitalised energy, brighter mental clarity and simply being able to do more of what you love with the ones you love.

It’s about fuelling greatness, starting with your plate.

But where to start and what results can you expect? Our resident medical expert Dr Zac talks four simple and scientific health hacks  secrets in our latest feature Healthy Plate, Great Shape: Dr Zac Shares His Weight Loss Secrets.

Increase Metabolism
Speeding up your metabolism is one of the key steps to losing weight, as it allows you to burn more calories. Unfortunately, as we get older, our metabolism starts to slow down. And with a declining metabolism can come unwanted weight gain.

An easy way to increase your metabolism is to eat more protein and fibre. This may not cause you to magically shed a few extra pounds, but it may help you burn more calories, especially if paired with regular exercise.

If you already have a training regime try also introducing a high-intensity workout interval into your current program to increase your metabolism. If you don’t have a current workout regime, you should start one. Even if it is only 20 minutes a day, it will show dramatically in your results. Introduce yourself to heavier lifting as the increase in demand for muscle growth will kick your metabolism into gear and really help you burn fat.

Decrease Cravings
By increasing your protein daily intake in each meal you can also help to decrease your appetite for guilty treats. Studies have shown that by making protein between 30-35% of your daily intake, it will decrease the large appetite your body has identified as ‘normal’. Needing more time to digestion properly the body’s hormonal appetite signalers are suppressed for longer periods of time, and in turn causing weight loss.

These proteins and fibers are large and in most cases bulky making you feel the food more. This connection is established over longer periods of time, invoking memory and signalling to occur to be established in the brain. Creating an adequate amount of time for your brain to precisely know when you are full.

When designing your own at SumoSalad, there are a number of meat-and-plant proteins that you can add to your salad including falafel, chicken, lamb, beef and salmon. You can choose as many as you like making it easy to hit your daily intake!

Increase Basal Metabolism Temperature
Increasing your base metabolic temperature may sound complex however we aren’t talking about turning you into an oven. This concept of ‘increasing’ temperature should be more focused on keeping the body warm at all times and to each expenditure. Layering properly in accordance to the surrounding environment can work in that fat burningfavourr your body seeks in order to properly burn fat properly and precisely.

With that said here are some easy ways to increase your basal metabolism temperature just by adding a few things to your daily diet. For one, try to incorporate more brown rice into your diet. Brown rice is a more complex carb than white rice, therefore it metabolizes more slowly which in turn gives off more heat when compared to other types of food.

Another great way of improving circulation and increasing temperature is to incorporate more ginger into your diet, this may seem difficult but I can assure you that it comes in more forms than the pickled ginger on your sushi plate that you are used to seeing.

Eat Smaller Portions, More Often
Take your time, reduce your portion sizes, and try not to eat so fast. Large meals burden the digestive system, often causing bloating and lowered energy while the body struggles to digest them. Also, the bigger the meal, the bigger the crash and need for sugary snacks to refuel your body. If you eat a large meal, you dump large amounts of fuel into your system at one time. This is more fuel than your body needs and the excess fuel gets stored as fat.

Frequent, small meals on the other hand deliver manageable amounts of energy over the course of the day, which your body can utilize, immediately and therefore does not need to store it as fat for later use. The regular influx of food with a little-and-often approach keeps your energy level stable and makes it easier for you to cope with everything you have to do in a day.

SumoSalad’s new Power Pots are a perfect small meal that you can snack on throughout the day. Sweet and savoury options include the Almond Choc Chia With Strawberries & Coconut, Falafel & Pumpkin With Chickpeas, Lentils & Hummus and Teriyaki Chicken With Broccoli, Brown Rice & Quinoa,

“If you give your body what it needs, that’s what it will crave” – Dr Zac


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