How To Be The Healthy Hero Of The Office: Rebecca Gawthorne, Nutritionist

06.07.17 Eat, Play Blog SumoSalad

Guest author Rebecca Gawthorne delves into her nutritionist knowledge to make you the healthy hero of the office this winter! 

If you’ve ever had lunch provided for you in the workplace, chances are you would have had some pretty ordinary ones along the way. Often workplace lunches can fall into two categories – unhealthy, greasy takeaway that leaves you feeling sluggish, unmotivated and ready for a nap by 3pm; or plain white sandwiches plastered with mayo + a slice of cheese that lack the nutrition to fuel you for a busy afternoon. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Your midday lunch meal, especially when you’re at work, should nourish and energise your body and leave you feeling recharged and focused. This will have you ready to smash out an afternoon of high-quality work while still having fuel in the tank for life after you leave the office.

Instead of ordering the same old unhealthy takeaway for everyone in the office, challenge your workplace culture & make a positive change. Next time your workplace is having a lunch, boost your office morale and put a bounce in everyone’s step for the afternoon by ordering some healthy, tasty food. Take charge and be the office hero and organise a lunch that is bursting with fresh, tasty nutrition and full of brain food which will give your colleagues the energy & mental clarity for a productive afternoon.

To ensure your office lunch fulfils this purpose, it needs to contain the following key elements:
1) A mix of fresh, wholesome colourful veggies – e.g. leafy greens, tomato, pumpkin, mushrooms
2) Source of low GI carbs e.g. quinoa, brown rice, lentils, sweet potato
4) A healthy source of protein e.g. chicken breast, fish, eggs, beans  

Some delicious and healthy lunch options that tick all the criteria above include nourishing salad bowls, veggie soups and salad filled wraps and sandwiches. SumoSalad carefully crafts their menu to ensure fresh seasonal flavours and nutrition are all incorporated.

If you want to impress your colleagues, your boss and put a positive spin on your afternoon and workplace culture, be the office hero & check out the new SumoSalad Winter Menu. Place your order here, office superstars!


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