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The fresh herb and veggie garden is a huge hit in my house. Every day, the kids and I will go and pick a bunch of fresh ingredients, such as kale, coriander, and beetroot, to whip up a new master piece (well,

Luke Baylis at the new Darling Park store

Luke Baylis at the new Darling Park store

try). If the kids approve of my creation, then I know it’s a winner!

I would definitely recommend you try and grow your own garden at home. If space isn’t on your side, why not start with fresh herbs in a pot, or even an old boot. You can grow these by your window in your kitchen and they won’t take up much space. I think you’ll be surprised at how much money you will save and how fresh your meals will taste.

I love using the ingredients from the garden to create new dishes for our stores. Recently I made a variety of ‘breaky bowls’ filled with delicious superfoods. These were a hit at home so we are currently trialling these at our Darling Park concept store in Sydney’s CBD.

In fact, my veggie garden has also inspired other concepts for this store. We’ve had a hydroponic water system installed so that we can grow fresh lettuce and use these in our salads daily. Ideally, I’d like to introduce this concept across our stores to make the ingredients taste even better and make the in store experience unique.

So, sumo Sydney siders, if you haven’t yet visited our Darling Park store please go and check it out. I’d love your feedback on the new products and layout.

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