Gift a Friend A Salad

01.06.18 Eat Blog SumoSalad

You can make friends with salad and now Sumo can prove it! We’re proud to unveil the latest way for you to upgrade your friendship to BFF status in 2 minutes flat.

So if you’re bored of the same birthday treats, think your bae needs a boost or you’re just feeling generous, it’s time to salad-ify the squad with our new Gift A Friend A Salad tool.

Simply enter your name and mobile number in the form below and you’ll be sent an SMS that will guide you through the quick and easy process.  Pay by card and complete the order and your friend will receive an SMS and mobile voucher directly to their phone and they can head into any store to order up a feast.

Will they choose one of our freshly prepared deli-salads, heat up with a hot soup or perhaps they’ll design their own?  Whatever they choose you’ll get the crown for the best friend in town.


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