Getting Grubby with Milkwood Rooftop Garden

18.06.15 Grow, Learn Blog SumoSalad

This past weekend some of the SumoSalad team┬ápaid a visit to Milkwood’s Rooftop Garden, in Sydney’s inner city community of Redfern.

Milkwood is a collaborative of permaculture enthusiasts, with specialties across sustainable gardening, beekeeping, fermentation and many more! Along with their urban rooftop garden space, they also have a farms in Southern NSW and Byron Bay where you can immerse yourself in learning some permaculture principles away from the hustle and bustle.

On the agenda for our visit was making seed balls, harvesting lots of great fresh leafys, and helping out the team with some gardening.

Seed balls are a great way to encourage new plants to grow in areas where nothing else will! The seeds are all popped into a bucket along with some clay soil and nutrient rich compost mix, along with water to allow the mix to clump together and be rolled up into balls of goodness.

Once the seed balls are rolled up, they are left to dry and then distributed wherever you want them to grow. They do not get planted into the ground, but lay dormant until the next time it rains and they (hopefully) spring to life. Because they are surrounded with a combination of rich soil and clay, it allows them to become established in even some of the most unforgiving environments.

Our Visit


Thanks to the great team at 107 Rooftop Gardens for having us in your wonderful little space and teaching us some really interesting stuff!

Check out the range of courses available at Milkwood.


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