Get $10 Off Your First Shop at Wellness Marketplace, Inner Origin.

23.08.18 Grow, Learn Blog SumoSalad

Good news. Sumo and Inner Origin have teamed up to give you access to the best quality wellness products to put in your body, on your body or around your home.  Sumo’s goal is to Fuel Greatness in ourselves and our communities, and we can’t do that on our own.

That’s why we’re collaborating with Inner Origin whose extensive wellness marketplace complements our own range of fresh, delicious salads. With over 2k independent wellness products on the Inner Origin platform, all vetted by an independent wellness advisory board, you can trust Inner Origin to do the hard work so that you can shop for wellness foods, natural beauty creams and chemical-free cleaning products without worry. Take a look.

As a Sumo customer, you can get a $10 discount off your first shop when you spent $100 with Inner Origin.  Download your $10 voucher here.



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